Our admission price is $30.00 per vehicle per movie ( a vehicle consists of up to 8 people!)
(Schools, clubs, etc wishing to bring buses should
'contact us' first so we know you are coming)

You will need to have Cash to pay for your tickets. We Do NOT have EFTPOS or credit card facilities at the gate because of the the time delay and traffic problems it would create on busy nights.

Once you have bought your ticket and entered the drive-in we DO have an ATM in our restaurant if you require any extra cash (remember you will still need cash to purchase your tickets initially!)


                                                                                   DISCOUNT ADMISSION  

Attend TWO consecutive sessions for $50.00 per car or $70.00 per car for THREE consecutive sessions.

When FOUR sessions are being run the discount cost for all 4 sessions is $90.00 per car.

For discount admission you MUST purchase your tickets TOGETHER. We do not give refunds if you change your mind.

NOTE: If you do want to see an additional movie after already purchasing your ticket, you will be charged another $30.00 per  session.

BUSES:  We charge per vehicle up to 8 people or part thereof as follows:

1 Person - $30.00   :   2 People - $30.00  :  3 People - $30.00  :  4 People - $30.00  :  5 People - $30.00  :  6 People - $30.00  :  7 People - $30.00 : 8 People - $30.00

9 People - $60.00  :  10 People - $60.00  :  12 People - $60.00  :  13 People - $60.00  :  14 People - $60.00  :  15 People - $60.00  :  16 People - $60.00

17 People - $90.00 :  18 People - $90.00 :  19 People - $90.00 :  20 People - $90.00 :  21 People - $90.00 :  22 People - $90.00 :  23 People - $90.00 :  24 People - $90.00

Buses with more than 24 people will be charged by multiples of  8 or part thereof progressively as above.

Buses seeing two consecutive movies by discount admission will be charged one and two-thirds the above amount.

Buses seeing three consecutive movies by discount admission will be charge two-and-a-third times the above amount. 


REFUND POLICY: We DO NOT GIVE REFUNDS unless a spaceship from Neptune lands in front of the screen AND it is green with pink spots..

Seriously, we ask that you be completely sure that you wish to see the movie(s) playing when you purchase your tickets. We will give you a refund up until the starting time of your movie or, in the case of  discount admission, the starting time of the FIRST movie you have paid for. We NEVER give refunds due to weather events such as wind, rain, fog, storms etc. or if you simply change your mind about what movie(s) you wish to see, the children are upset or sick or other personal issues. Should there be a technical problem which causes us to cancel a screening the shift manager has absolute discretion to offer free return passes to either a future session of the same movie or to future screenings of other titles within a set time limit which will be announced at the time. Cash refunds are generally not available as once our cash goes into the time delay safe we do not have access to it again that night.